Our mission at Coiled is to increase access to scalable computing. We do this in three ways:

  1. Coiled Cloud, managed one-click Dask deployments for everyone
  2. Coiled Enterprise, support and training for scalable Python and Dask
  3. Community outreach, with continued support of open source software

Coiled is led by open source community maintainers located around the globe.

Matthew Rocklin, the creator of Dask and Coiled CEO, has been building open-source software to meet the needs of individual users and organizations for over 10 years and is deeply aware of the pain points teams have when scaling their data work.

Rami Chowdhury, Head of Product Engineering at Coiled, has been developing software for the web for nearly fifteen years, growing his local tech communities and national conferences like PyCon for over 10. He founded two startups and built teams from scratch at three more and also continues to bring open-source communities together as a Python Software Foundation Fellow and core organizer of PyCon North America.

Hugo Bowne-Anderson, data scientist and Head of Evangelism and Marketing at Coiled, has been building and critiquing products for data scientists for 5 years and spends most of his time speaking with data scientists about their practice and the evolving needs of the field as a whole. In a word, this team has its finger on the pulse of modern data work.

To build the scalable data science products the ecosystem needs, we’ve raised a seed round, co-led by Costanoa Ventures and IA Ventures, with other backers including Kaggle co-founders, Anthony Goldbloom and Ben Hamner, and Techammer, spearheaded by Cloudera co-founder, Jeff Hammerbacher. They have already been pivotal in helping us shape the great company that we aspire to build.


  • Pragmatism — we build solutions, not hype
  • Accessibility — we make computing accessible to everyone, from the largest organizations to individual students and researchers around the world
  • Openness — we communicate openly and honestly about what we can and can’t do, following our roots in community driven software
  • Mission Driven — we care about making a difference in our world

Do these speak to you? Join us.

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