Coiled helps the Data Science community build scalable, distributed, and intelligent applications powered by Python.

Our Mission

We create software that helps the Data Science community build scalable, distributed, and intelligent applications powered by Python - so they can solve important problems.

Our Story

Matthew Rocklin, the creator of Dask - the number one Python native data platform used by Python developers today - founded Coiled in 2020 to help researchers, data scientists, and engineers solve important problems facing business, science, and humanity.

We've raised an A series round led by Bessemer Ventures including Costanoa Ventures, IA Ventures, and FirstMark.

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Coiled Team

The Coiled team are passionate open source developers, maintainers, and advocates located around the globe.

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We are a 100% remote company

Senior Staff

Adi Reske (She/Hers) headshot

Adi Reske (She/Hers)

VP of Marketing

My name is Adi (which is pronounced Ah-Dee and means “Jewel” in ancient Hebrew), and I'm a coffee lover, a world traveler, and an aspiring birthday-cake-baker living in Boston.


David Chudzicki headshot

David Chudzicki

Senior Software Engineer at Coiled

Samantha Hughes (She/Her) headshot

icon / location pin Portland, OR

Samantha Hughes (She/Her)

Software Engineer

Moved to the 3rd most rainy city in America and still considers it to be a bit too sunny sometimes.

Paul Hobson (He/Him) headshot

icon / location pin Portland, OR

Paul Hobson (He/Him)

OSS Developer

Paul has visited 47 US states and he spent enough time on the road with bands to bang on drums in 30 of those states. Due to a bureaucratic mix up, he can never enter Canada for the purposes of performing.

Oren Herschander (He/Him) headshot

icon / location pin Washington, DC

Oren Herschander (He/Him)

Business Development Associate

Oren suggests you look up the etymology of pumpernickel. It’s his favorite etymology.

Allison Broder (She/Her) headshot

icon / location pin Manhattan, NY

Allison Broder (She/Her)

People Operations Manager

She does yoga. She watches horror movies. She plays with her cats.

Lily Melnyk (She/Her) headshot

Lily Melnyk (She/Her)

Digital Marketing Director

Loves cats, travel, and live music. Her spirit animal is a donut.

Ian Rose (He/Him) headshot

icon / location pin Los Angeles, CA

Ian Rose (He/Him)

Software Engineer

When not working, he mostly thinks about rocks, plants, and tacos.

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