About Coiled

Our mission at Coiled is to increase access to scalable computing. We do this in three ways:

  1. Coiled Cloud, managed one-click Dask deployments for everyone
  2. Coiled Enterprise, support and training for scalable Python and Dask
  3. Community outreach, with continued support of open source software

Coiled is led by open source community maintainers located around the globe.

Matthew Rocklin

Position: CEO
Matthew is an open-source software developer in the numeric Python ecosystem. He maintains several PyData libraries, but today focuses mostly on the Dask library for scalable computing. Matthew worked for Anaconda Inc for several years, then built out the Dask team at NVIDIA for RAPIDS, and most recently founded Coiled Computing to improve Python’s scalability with Dask for large organizations. Matthew has given talks at a variety of technical, academic, and industry conferences. A list of talks and keynotes is available at matthewrocklin.com/talks. Matthew holds a bachelor’s degree from UC Berkeley in physics and mathematics, and a Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Chicago. You can learn more about Matt on his website and blog.

Matthew Rocklin


Task scheduler extraordinaire

Hugo Bowne-Anderson

Position: Head of Data Science Evangelism and Marketing

Hugo Bowne-Anderson is Head of Data Science Evangelism and VP of Marketing at Coiled. He has extensive experience as a data scientist, educator, evangelist, content marketer, and data strategy consultant, in industry and basic research. He also has experience teaching data science at institutions such as Yale University and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, conferences such as SciPy, PyCon, and ODSC, and with organizations such as Data Carpentry. He is committed to spreading data skills, access to data science tooling, and open-source software, both for individuals and the enterprise.

Hugo Bowne-Anderson

Head of Data Science Evangelism and Marketing

Deep down he's really just a skeleton.

Rami Chowdhury

Position: Head of Product Engineering

Rami Chowdhury heads product engineering at Coiled. Early forays into policy-making and sustainability taught him the value of empowering people, and he’s been building communities ever since, most recently as a Python Software Foundation Fellow. He looks forward to a world where everyone has the tools and the empathy to make change using the data at their fingertips.

On top of his experience in technology and community development, he has enjoyed dad jokes his entire life. Ex: The difference between the numerator and denominator is a short line – but only a fraction of people understand it!

Rami Chowdhury

Head of Product Engineering

Bad pun aficionado and foster dog dad

Scott Barnett

Position: Head of Sales

Scott is an entrepreneurial sales leader who creates value by blending customer development and Lean Startup skills with a deep understanding of technology and operations. Loves startups and team building, and is a passionate customer advocate.

Scott Barnett

Head of Sales

He never found a triathlon or IPA that he didn't like.