Coiled, one year in

Coiled, a Dask company, is about one year old. We’ll have a more official celebration in mid-February (official date of incorporation), but I wanted to take this opportunity to talk a little bit about the journey over the last year, where that has placed us today, and what I think comes next.

scientific python libraries

Python, Data Science, and Machine Learning in 2020

Python is the language of choice for science and research today, in both industry and academia. A major reason for its popularity is the plethora of supporting tools available for various specific use cases, including NumPy, SciPy, pandas, Matplotlib, scikit-learn, Jupyter Project, and of course, Dask. The Scientific Python community consists of people around the …

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Dask Heartbeat

Dask Heartbeat by Coiled: 2020-12-17

The Dask community is highly distributed with different teams working independently. This is powerful but sometimes makes it hard for people within the community to see everything that is going on. The Dask Heartbeat by Coiled is a bi-weekly publication intended to centralize and broadcast Dask news over the previous two weeks.

What is Dask?

Dask is a free and open-source library for parallel computing in Python. Dask helps you scale your data science and machine learning workflows. Dask makes it easy to work with Numpy, pandas, and Scikit-Learn, but that’s just the beginning. Dask is a framework to build distributed applications that has since been used with dozens of other systems like XGBoost, PyTorch, Prefect, Airflow, RAPIDS, and more. It’s a full distributed computing toolbox that fits comfortably in your hand.

Live stream with Blue Yonder

Data Processing at Blue Yonder: One Supply Chain at a Time

Recently, Coiled’s Head of Marketing and Evangelism Hugo Bowne-Anderson and Software Engineer James Bourbeau were joined by Florian Jetter, Senior Data Scientist at Blue Yonder, for a Science Thursday on “Data Processing at Blue Yonder: One Supply Chain at a Time”. Blue Yonder provides software-as-a-service products around supply chain management.

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