Science Thursday: Scaling up Geospatial Data Science with Distributed Computing

Pavithra Eswaramoorthy February 23, 2021

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Brendan Collins (co-founder at makepath), who has created and/or contributed to libraries including Datashader, Bokeh and xarray-spatial, joins Matt Rocklin and Hugo Bowne-Anderson to discuss how to scale xarray-spatial with Dask. 

xarray-spatial is a Python library that implements common raster analysis functions using Numba and provides an easy-to-install, easy-to-extend codebase for raster analysis. It is free of GDAL / GEOS dependencies and was created for general-purpose spatial processing for the GIS community.

For large scale Geo projects, such as Natural Resource Management and Conservation efforts, a connection between the GIS and PyData communities goes a long way. With tools like xarray-spatial, coupled with Dask and Numba, GIS professionals can exponentially increase the computing power and scalability of their work for faster results. 

After attending, you’ll understand how:

  • The xarray-spatial library works and how to scale it with Dask
  • To apply xarray-spatial to domain specific use cases
  • To generally use Python libraries for Geo applications, without being a software developer: by extracting over the stuff you don’t need to know and interfacing with familiar APIs 

Join us Thursday, March 11 at 5 pm US Eastern time by signing up below and to unearth a world of possibilities with xarray-spatial and Dask!

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