Zero Click Cloud Deployments

Hugo Bowne-Anderson September 27, 2020

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On this week’s Science Thursday, regulars Matt Rocklin and Hugo Bowne-Anderson are joined by guests Hamel Husain (Github), Chelle Gentemann (Farallon Institute), and Jeremiah Lowin (Prefect). Usually our guests show us their distributed data science work but this time we’re turning the tables: Matt and Hugo are going to show Dask and Coiled in action and our guests will form a friendly heckling panel.

We’ll show how Dask scales the PyData code you know and love and how Coiled allows scalable data science and Dask to be used by anybody and anywhere. We plan to cover:

  • The ease of spinning up Dask clusters on Coiled;
  • Managed software environments and seamlessly syncing your local workstation and cloud environments (all without touching docker or K8s);
  • Hosted notebooks;
  • User management, cost controls, and telemetry.

Join us this Thursday, October 1st, at 5pm US Eastern time by signing up here to dive into the wonderful world of scalable data science and machine learning with Dask and Coiled.

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