Hosted Dask Clusters

Launch clusters on managed resources in the cloud.

Coiled Cloud handles deploying containers, hooking up networking securely, and making it easy to connect so that you can get back to the real work. No more waiting on devops or having to do it yourself.

Coiled Cloud runs on AWS today, with Azure support coming soon.

Dockerless managed software

Create and share software environments made from conda/pip requirements files.

Coiled builds docker images for you, and keeps solved environments for local use by you and your colleagues.

import coiled
    conda={"channels": ["conda-forge"], "dependencies": ["dask", "xgboost"},

Zero Click Deployments

Run anywhere.

While Coiled offers a web interface, many people use Coiled from their own Python environment.  Coiled runs from anywhere you can run Python, including other web services, automated jobs, and even your own laptop.

Jupyter Notebooks

Coiled makes it easy to launch and share notebooks.

Check out a few examples to see Coiled notebooks in action:

Scaling XGBoost with Coiled

JupyterLab integration

Hyperparameter tuning

GPU Support

The fastest accelerated hardware at your fingertips.

Coiled manages GPU workloads alongside CPUs, allowing you to easily mix-and-match.  This lets you quickly try out different architectures, and experiment with exciting libraries like PyTorch, XGBoost, and RAPIDS.

Network Security

Best practices from the start.

Coiled implements best practices so you can rest assured that your data is safe.  All connections are end-to-end secure.


Manage Teams

Manage your team and track costs.

Shared accounts let you invite colleagues to share access to shared credentials, software environments, cluster telemetry, and billing. You can quickly bring a team up to speed, and track activity over time

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