Coiled Compliance: Coiled Granted ISO-27001 & SOC-2 Compliance

[June 24, 2022 New York] –  Coiled, a Dask company and leading provider of distributed computing, announced today that the company has been granted International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 27001 and Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 compliance certifications. Both Coiled compliance certifications demonstrate that Coiled has been audited for verification that their infrastructure and procedures fully follow compliance regulations necessary for specific industries such as healthcare and financial institutions. 

“We’ve heavily invested in creating the infrastructure and tools that our customers use to securely process their data. And gaining these certifications is another stepping stone showing our customers that we handle their personal information to the highest compliance standards,” says Matthew Rocklin, Founder and CEO, Coiled.

ISO-27001 is an international standard developed for businesses to manage information security more effectively. Certified companies are required to adopt a systematic framework of security controls and standards, which are then measured against globally recognized best practices to better protect customer data.

SOC-2 is an audit performed by an independent third party, where the auditor analyzes how a company manages and protects sensitive data. The auditor reviews corporate security controls, operational procedures  and their ability to effectively safeguard data from unauthorized access.

To achieve certification, Coiled adopted ISO-27001 and SOC-2 frameworks and underwent audits to become fully compliant with regulatory guidelines, showing their commitment to building infrastructure that meets industry standards and follows security procedures proven to safeguard data against common threats.

Coiled compliance is verified via a third-party auditor and certifications help assure current and future customers that entrusting data to Coiled means they get only the highest quality standards applied to their business data security, and customers can partner with Coiled with confidence.