Dask In The Wild: How Customers Use Dask


Why are companies like Captial One, Barclays, and Two Sigma using Dask? In this webinar, Gus Cavanaugh from Coiled will share stories and examples from Dask users in Finance, Life Sciences, and Energy. Gus will illustrate how companies get beyond laptop limitations to leverage all of their data with Dask.

Have you heard about Dask but haven’t tried it? Are you interested in scalable computing but not sure how it would apply to your work? This webinar is for you!

At Coiled, we’re fortunate to hear from Dask users across a wide range of industries who showcase a wide variety of use cases. As we conclude 2021, we wanted to share some representative examples from three industries with lots of Dask usage: financial services, life sciences, and energy. We’ll include the data, code, and context so that you can both understand and run these examples yourself!

After attending, you’ll have a practical and conceptual understanding of representative Dask workloads used in:
– Financial Modeling
– Computational Biology
– Geophysics

Join us Tuesday, December 14th at 1 pm EST by signing up here to dive into the wonderful world of Dask in the Wild!

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