The Open Source Data Tooling Landscape


Carol Willing works as the VP of Learning at Noteable where she explores tools and processes that empower workers to use data in our changing world. She joins Coiled to discuss the evolving open source data tooling landscape.

The scale and complexity of data continue to grow rapidly. Open source data tooling, like JupyterHub, Binder, Dask, and Papermill, helps organizations extract knowledge and create services from their data.

We’re grateful for the growth of data libraries and tools in the Python data ecosystem. How well do these tools work today and what do we still need? We’ll look at where different tools fit in the data pipeline and unpack some of the technical and people challenges when handing off data between tools and services.

After attending, you’ll know:

– The taxonomy of open source data tooling and the end-to-end pipeline from data collection to data service,
– How the cloud and flexibility of open source data tools, like JupyterHub, help organizations grow,
– How to manage successful data projects from the exploratory phase to deployment at scale, and
– What’s new in Python, R, and Julia open data tools and a vision for what’s coming next.

Join us Tuesday, August 24th at 6 pm US Eastern time by signing up here and dive into the wonderful world of open source data tooling!

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