Are you already using Dask and Coiled and ready to scale your usage to your enterprise? Are you looking for experts to partner with you and help you optimize your jobs, create even greater performance improvements and integrate with other Python libraries, all at scale?

Coiled Enterprise is your one-stop shop for all things Python at scale. It brings the best of all the important things you need to create a Data Science/Machine Learning framework for your entire organization. It provides the framework that Data Scientists need to get their job done and easily scale up and down computations as needed. It provides IT the controls they need to conform to corporate standards. And it allows the business to set rules and get critical reporting to make sure these efforts stay within budgetary limits.

Coiled Enterprise runs in the cloud (AWS today, with Azure and GCP support coming soon) as well as on-prem. Leverage work on your own personal devices as well as powerful GPU servers in your own infrastructure, and complement that with on-demand, cloud-based scaling. Create containers that can easily move between environments – no more wasting hours or days re-creating a local environment in the cloud.

Get up and running in minutes. Save time creating containers, and have total control over container management – when your cloud clusters are running and for how long. Manage how many cores each team member can use, and how long they can be active. Share work across team members, securely. Built-in Authentication to prevent unauthorized access.

Features include:

  • Managed Dask Clusters – run on CPU or GPU resource in the cloud or on-prem
  • Maximum parallelism – run an unlimited number of cores at once, and distribute the cloud load among your teammates
  • Built-in Telemetry – get status of your clusters and reporting. Setup limits of running clusters to prevent run-away spending

Coiled Enterprise is as flexible as you need. Mix and match from the product components to put together the package that best fits your current need:

  • Enterprise Dask Support – get 24×7 support for your existing Dask infrastructure, and premium access to influence updates
  • Optimization Services – starting at 2 hours/mo., get expert assistance at optimizing and tuning your Machine Learning applications. This includes assistance with Dask, as well as other popular Python libraries such as Rapids, XGBoost, Scikit-Learn, and many others
  • Training Credits – Get access to on-demand, scheduled and custom training on Dask and Coiled
  • Coiled Cloud – discounted cloud pricing on Coiled Cloud
  • Coiled On-Prem – access to run Coiled on your own hardware and synchronize containers in the cloud

Ready to get started? Contact us for pricing for your needs.

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