Accure on Dask: Scaling Workflows

ACCURE uses field data to monitor and predict the health of batteries to improve safety, performance, and lifetime. By building models on operating data instead of lab tests, the results are more applicable to the real world, can predict important events such as battery fires, and can make batteries more sustainable by optimizing for extended lifetime. Discover how ACCURE manages a large volume of data from a large number of batteries in our webinar with ACCURE Infrastructure Chapter Lead Dr. Severin Ryberg.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • ACCURE’s innovative battery life optimization solution and how they prevent property damage or injuries by analyzing large quantities of battery data.

  • How they scale workflows with Kubernetes clusters, AWS batch, EC2 instances or local Dask clusters.

  • How ACCURE uses Coiled to enable their data engineers to spin up a cluster of nodes, network them together, and then submit arbitrary Dask workloads to them.

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