Dash, Dask, and RAPIDS: Plotly & Coiled CEOs Discuss Partnering


Dask and RAPIDS have emerged as the de facto Python technologies for parallel CPU and GPU computing. With Dash + Dask data apps, explorational analysis by business users can now be scaled to terabytes of data in realtime – far beyond the limits of traditional BI tools like Tableau.

How to build your own Dash + Dask apps will be illustrated through a series of open-source examples. The CEOs of Plotly and Coiled will discuss the partnership and roadmap between the two companies.

Additional topics to be covered:

  • Building your first Dash + Dask app through 3 open-source examples
  • Productionizing Dash + Dask apps with Dash Enterprise and Coiled
  • Architecture Overview
  • Running computations in GPU memory through a Dash app UI
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