Why We Switched from Spark to Dask

Steppingblocks is a big data analytics company that provides workforce and education analytics on over 130 million individuals in the U.S to universities, employers, and government agencies. Join us for a conversation with SĂ©bastien Arnaud, Chief Technology & Data Officer at Steppingblocks, and discover how he handled an ever-growing amount of data with a small but mighty team. Wolfe Nelson, Senior Data Engineer at Steppingblocks, will join him to demo a few essential techniques they learned along the way on their Dask journey.

In this Dask webinar, you will learn about:

  • Steppingblocks’ unique big data offering to clients
  • How they managed to scale quickly in a post-pandemic market where hiring is difficult
  • What technical reasons led them to switch away from Spark/Databricks to Dask/Coiled

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