The Story of CapitaLogix with Kuberre and Dask


The quantitative hedge fund manager, CapitaLogix, was heavily dependent upon their legacy “on-premise” hardware/software stack vendor in order to run their proprietary pattern mining algorithms. Join us for a compelling look into the real costs, limitations, and learning that convinced CEO Howard Getson and his team to embrace Dask and make the move to the cloud. Hear from Kumar Metlapalli (Kuberre Systems CEO) as he lays out how he, and his team of quant technology experts at Kuberre, were able to deliver the massively parallel, 100% Python, environment the CapitaLogix team requires while driving out 97% of the legacy costs. This story demonstrates the power and value that can be realized by combining cloud computing platforms with Dask and Kuberre’s QTPy (Quantitative Techniques in Python) data science optimization solution.

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