Open Source Support Developer

The role

Your role has two primary duties:

  1. Build out and maintain the open source Dask project, and connections with surrounding projects (Numpy, Pandas, Scikit-Learn, and more)
  2. Ensure that our customers are effective in their use of Dask to scale Python

This means that you will interact with users (both community and clients), engage in team prioritization of those issues, and work to implement fixes and features to improve the experience and capabilities of the Python ecosystem, verifying that those fixes resolve user needs.

This job requires good communication, excellent software design and development, and an understanding of the Python data science space.

The Company

Coiled connects data scientists and researchers to distributed infrastructure using the Python data science stack (Numpy, Pandas, Scikit-Learn, …) and Dask, a popular open source library for parallel analytics. We come from the open source Python community, and are long-time maintainers of this stack in general and Dask in particular.

Through Dask, we enable analysts and scientists to understand the effects of climate change, fight cancer, and play the stock market. We have a wide range of customers solving these problems who need to deploy Dask throughout their organization to enable data science teams.

This requires connecting data scientists to powerful distributed infrastructure so that they can be effictive in in their job. This is hard, and doing it well requires attention to user experience, parallel algorithms, and distributed infrastructure.


You should feel comfortable doing the following:

  • Write simple and well tested Python code
  • Understand the PyData or SciPy software stack of tools
  • Constructively review the code of others
  • Communicate online in a clear manner that demonstrates user empathy


  • Understand networking, and async-await concurrency frameworks like Asyncio or Tornado
  • Understand the principles of data science and scientific communication
  • Experience writing engaging blogposts about technical or community topics


Coiled is a remote-first company. We support you living and working from where you feel fulfilled, providing that you can communicate effectively with your team.