Coiled Teams

Are you managing or a member of a team of Data Scientist or Machine Learning Architects and looking to scale your Python applications seamlessly and easily? Coiled Team brings the power of Coiled Cloud to your entire group, giving you not only a simple and scalable way to massively increase the power of your computations, but also a way to share this power with your teammates, securely and economically.

Coiled Teams can run on AWS today, with Azure and GCP support coming soon!

Get up and running in minutes. Save time creating containers, and have total control over cloud management – when your clusters are running and for how long. Manage how many cores each team member can use, and how long they can be active. Share work across team members, securely.

Features include:

  • Managed Dask Clusters – run on CPU or GPU resource in the cloud
  • Maximum parallelism – run up to 2000 cores at once, and distribute this load among your teammates
  • Built-in Telemetry – get status of your clusters and reporting. Setup limits of running clusters to prevent run-away spending

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