Enterprise Dask Support

Accelerate value, reduce costs, and rest assured

Startup Package

You're excited about Dask and curious about where to begin.

Let us provide you with a short-term package of training, consulting, and configuration to get you on your feet quickly.


Invest in employees

Our professional trainers educate around both Dask specifically and parallel programming more generally.

This combination provides hands-on skills of immediate value and deep understanding necessary to be efficient long-term.


Discover Value

Our expert engineers work with your team to discover how best to accelerate your business with Dask.


Identify Costs

Our performance experts work with your team to explore performance bottlenecks. We and draft a plan on how to resolve them

Partnership Package

You already have individuals within your team using Dask successfully. You want to ensure their success and repeat their experience throughout the wider organization.

Partner with us for enterprise support, feature development, and a long-term relationship.


Replicate expertise

You've seen how some of your top performers are able to scale their workloads with Dask.

Let us help you replicate their experience throughout your organization with hands-on courses that teach both immediate skills and the fundamentals of efficient parallel data analysis.


Rest assured

Our team of open source maintainers work to ensure nothing disrupts your productivity.

From security fixes to performance improvements to just having someone to talk to, we establish a relationship and are there for you long-term.


Reduce costs

Computers are expensive, and cloud bills grow faster than you expect. We know.

Our performance experts work with your team to identify and reduce costs, keeping your systems running as efficiently and cheaply as possible.