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Scaling Python Simply

Hosted Dask clusters on the cloud for data science and machine learning.
Taking the DevOps out of data science so you can get back to your real job.

Dask Scales Python

Coiled supports Dask.
It’s a natural fit.

Data Munging

Dask integrates with Pandas, Numpy, and many other Python libraries to crunch data at scale.

GPU Support

With NVIDIA/RAPIDS, Dask can help you make the most of your GPU investment, often providing 100x speedups, even when operating at scale.

Machine Learning

Dask hands off to pragmatic ML libraries like Scikit-Learn, XGBoost, and PyTorch for scaling out critical AI workloads.

Scales Up/Scales Down

Dask is easy to scale from a laptop to 100TB clusters on the cloud or on-prem. It scales up for size, and scales down for comfort.

Coiled Manages Data Science At Scale

We take the devops out of data science so you can get back to your real job

Data Science

Coiled allows data scientists to seamlessly move complex workflows, code, and data between the cloud and their local workstation.


Coiled gives team leads visibility into usage and spend to reduce costs and enhance performance.


Coiled meets IT security standards by ensuring adherence to security and compliance rules.


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