The Easiest Way To Scale Data Workloads in Python

Coiled is enterprise-grade Dask made easy. Coiled manages Dask clusters in your AWS or GCP account, making it the easiest and most secure way to run Dask in production. 

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Scale Python with Managed Dask Deployments

Run Dask in the cloud effortlessly and securely


Managed Dask Deployments - Your cloud, your data, no fuss

Coiled manages cloud infrastructure for you, deploying on your AWS or Google Cloud account in minutes. Giving you a rock-solid deployment solution with zero effort.

  • Customize cluster node types to fit your analysis needs.
  • Run Dask in Jupyter Notebooks with real time dashboards and cluster insights.
					import coiled
cluster = coiled.Cluster(n_workers=500)


Seamless Integration With Your Favorite Python Data Tools

Create software environments easily with customized dependencies for your Dask analyses.

  • Enjoy enterprise-grade security.
  • Reduce costs with SLAs, user-level management, and auto-termination of clusters.


Run on your AWS or GCP account

Coiled makes it easy to deploy your cluster on AWS or GCP. You can do it in minutes, without a credit card.

Launch code from anywhere, including cloud services like AWS SageMaker, open source solutions, like JupyterHub, or even from the comfort of your very own laptop.

All for free!

Enterprise-grade Dask

Cluster monitoring done for you.

Coiled keeps clusters up for as long as you need them, with fast creation and easy teardown.

Coiled handles the creation and management of Dask clusters in your cloud account.

Manage teams and costs.

Get a handle on your team and their costs, safely expand Dask across your teams.


Level up your team, track their usage and errors, failures, and set quotas for your growing team.

More flexibility, greater innovation.

Python users who are looking to push the limits of innovation will find Dask to be a better fit than Spark.

Dask is built for Python from the ground up and supports popular Python libraries (pandas, NumPy, and others), encouraging novel innovative workflows.

Manage Python environments.

Coiled builds and spins up Docker images from conda and pip environment files for you.


Use these environments on demand or schedule them to run, for example, every Monday morning at 8 am EST.

You can use these environments locally or remotely in a Dask cluster and share them with your friends and colleagues.

World-class Dask support.

Get the royal treatment from the maintainers of Dask.

Coiled users benefit from world-class Dask support, a secure setup, and a great developer experience.

Enterprise-grade security.

Coiled offers enterprise-grade security in the form of identity and access management (IAM). 


You can use standard IAM credentials and temporary access tokens to implement authentication and authorization for data access on Dask workers.

Compute more complex workloads

As soon as you sign up, you can start spinning up Dask clusters of any size.

Join Thousands of Users

Coiled users enjoy focusing on their analyses without worrying about DevOps

“Pangeo emerged from the Xarray development group, so Dask was a natural choice. We needed a parallel computing engine that does not strongly constrain the type of computations that can be performed nor require the user to engage with the details of parallelization.”

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“Coiled becomes an exceedingly useful tool when working in teams with a wide variety of expertise and seniority. Using Coiled allows all of our developers and engineers to focus on the things that they already do really well, and to expand beyond the limits of their local machines, without too much concern for what’s happening “under the hood” on an infrastructural level.”


“Coiled is amazing technology. We were able to get an initial reduction across all of our pipelines — data curation to automated experiments. We saw our processing time drop from 66 hours to 35 minutes and, with additional tuning, down to 15 minutes. We gained 64 hours and 45 minutes using Coiled and Dask.”