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Coiled helps data scientists use Python for ambitious problems, scaling to the cloud for computing power, ease, and speed—all tuned for the needs of teams and enterprise.

Coiled Cloud

Python: Supercharged for Data Science


  • Scale your clusters on-demand
  • Scale from your laptop to the cloud and back, seamlessly
  • Automatically optimize your cloud resources


  • Supercharge the PyData stack
  • Process more data in less time
  • Iterate – and get answers – faster


  • Work with the tools and environments you’re already using
  • Meets enterprise security and data standards
  • Automates cloud and on-prem infrastructure operations

Rooted in Open Source

Committed to the tools you know.

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And many more...

Supporting Dask and the Community

We are core contributors to Dask and deeply committed to open source and PyData communities.

Data scientists, data engineers, developers, and DevOps use Coiled Cloud to iterate faster and experiment more.


Python native big data platform is Dask


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Coiled Cloud users

Companies working on hard problems choose Coiled.

“At Capital One, early implementations of Dask have reduced model training by 91%, within a few months of development effort.”

Michael McCarty
Director, Center for Machine Learning Distinguished Machine Learning Engineer, Capital One

Frequently Asked Questions

Coiled is a “cluster as a service” product that offers on-demand Dask clusters on the cloud. It helps data professionals solve a wide range of large and complex problems, everything from data manipulation to machine learning, from the comfort of their own laptops. Coiled is tailored for teams and enterprises. It includes features for managing teams, creating and sharing software environments, dynamically scaling resources, analyzing costs, and much more.

Supercharging with Dask and Coiled can help scale your data work to larger data sets and larger ML models, which allows you to solve complex problems. You can take advantage of the parallel computing capabilities of your machine and quickly leverage cloud resources when needed.

One of the main benefits of cloud computing services is that it allows you to access large amounts of computing and storage resources from anywhere.

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