Ready to get started with Coiled? We offer flexible pricing for any sized organization, from a single user to an entire corporate infrastructure. Coiled Cloud and Coiled Teams are cloud-only solutions, running on Coiled’s own cloud infrastructure. Coiled Enterprise can be run in Coiled’s cloud, your own cloud or on-prem.

Number of Users1Up to 10Unlimited
EnvironmentCloudCloudCloud or On-prem
Managed Dask ClustersYesYesYes
Managed SoftwareYesYesYes
Team ControlsNoYesYes
Maximum Parallelism100 cores2000 coresUnlimited
GPU SupportNoYesYes
SupportCommunity SlackBasicFull
CostFree for nowInfrastructure costs
+ premium
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To discuss Coiled and any questions you may have on pricing, please Contact Us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Am I being charged for Coiled Personal?
A: While in beta, Coiled Personal is free for general use. We still present cost metrics, but you won’t be charged.

Q: It says Coiled Cloud is infrastructure cost + premium. What’s the premium?
A: Currently, the premium is 100% for a month-to month subscription – so you will pay two times the infrastructure costs for your specific usage of Coiled. We will soon be adding the ability to commit to minimum monthly spend and longer term agreements where the premium can be reduced. If you are interested in this today, please Contact Us.

Q: Can I run Coiled in my own cloud account?
A: Yes. For Coiled Cloud or Coiled Enterprise you can optionally associate AWS roles with accounts, and use those to manage resources within your own account. For Coiled Personal we run everything within our AWS account.

Q: Do you support clouds other than AWS?
A: We currently support AWS and on-prem with a Bring-your-own-Kubernetes cluster policy. We expect Azure in 2020 Q4 and GCP towards the middle of 2021.

Q: Do you offer Dask support?
A: Yes. Coiled Cloud customers can bundle a lightweight support policy for Dask itself (we want you to use Dask efficiently). We also partner with larger Coiled Enterpise customers for full enterprise support.

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