Coiled Cloud

Python: Scaled to the cloud

You love building in Python for Data Science. But training models on your laptop is limiting. Coiled supercharges the Python tools you already use for scale and performance. Move to the cloud with a few clicks—and stay focused on solving important problems.

Performance & Scalability

People say Python can’t perform well enough for production data science. Coiled Cloud proves them wrong. Coiled Cloud delivers speed and scalability with distributed processing in the cloud.

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Scale with the cloud.

Distribute your Python code easily with unlimited processing power available in the cloud.
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Move code to the cloud in one click.

Burst to the cloud and autoscale your workloads to reduce costs.
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Get answers faster.

Run advanced algorithms at scale on the right hardware - CPUs or GPUs - to run more jobs in less time.


Stay in your flow. Work seamlessly wherever your data lives.

import coiled coiled.create_software_environment( name="xgboost", conda={"channels": ["conda-forge"], "dependencies": ["dask", "xgboost"]}, pip=["s3fs"], )

Keep data in place and secure.

Move computations to where your data already is to reduce costs and adhere to regulations.

Become cloud agnostic.

Move workloads to AWS and GCP easily to avoid vendor lock-in.

Realize deployment versatility.

Deploy workloads on Kubernetes clusters or move Kubernetes workloads to the cloud.


Don't sacrifice your software environment or favorite notebook.

Stay native with PyData.

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Leverage your preferred environment and add GPUs as needed.

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Deploy your data science and machine learning applications to the cloud.

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Operations Management

Get transparency and control for your cluster operations.

While moving to the cloud reduces costs initially, uncontrolled usage can spiral costs out of control. With Coiled Cloud, you pay-as-you-go, and the operations dashboard highlights issues from cluster telemetry and gives you the governance to control costs.

Control cluster usage

Set user and team quotas along with GPU access to manage cluster utilization. Stop using idle clusters automatically to keep costs in check.

Keep sensitive information secure

Deploy in your own cloud account or multi-tenant environment and rest assured your data is protected with end-to-end network security.

Get easy access to your data

Built-in credential management for authentication and identity management.

Cluster Name Created By Status Num Workers Configuration Cost (current) Cost (total)
alice-2c0e0f46-0 alice running 4/4 coiled-examples/pytorch $4.77/hr $0.10
Cluster Name Created By Status Num Workers Configuration Cost (current) Cost (total)
alice-2c0e0f46-0 alice running 4/40 coiled-examples/pytorch $12.13/hr $0.15

“Using Coiled, we were able to reduce both cost and time from long days, weeks, or never-ending SQL queries on 2TB of metadata and 2500 tables that cost hundreds of dollars per query to 15-30 min with a small fraction of the cost. We invested all the time in letting our data scientists understand the data better and visualize it. ”

Eyal Toledano
CTO & Co-Founder, Zebra Medical Vision

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