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No matter where your Python skills are currently, we can help you grow your knowledge: we offer live, in depth, training courses as well as an on demand e-learning program.

Live Sessions On-Demand

Live sessions

In depth training courses taught by expert practitioners.

  • Each course is a mix of short lectures plus hands-on Jupyter notebook exercises
  • Learn pragmatic skills and get answers to situational questions
  • Register for a public course or request a private corporate training for your team

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Course Catalog:

Scaling Python with Dask

Duration: Four Half-Days $1600

If you’ve taken your data skills from zero to one with PyData (Pandas, Scikit-Learn, and friends) then this class will help you use larger data sets that won’t fit in memory and will help you distribute your workloads to accelerate your code  with Dask.


On-demand e-learning

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We’ve developed a set of classes on TalkPython, available anytime.

  • Getting Started with Dask
  • Modern Python Projects
  • Full Web Apps with FastAPIs
  • Modern APIs with FastAPI and Python
  • Modern Python Projects

“Instructor was absolutely brilliant. Really patient, fun, and extremely knowledgeable. He spoke about the topics off the top of his head without hesitation, and he was able to handle and respond to difficult (and many times illogical) questions without getting frustrated or being dismissive. He complimented our abilities and made us feel empowered and smart. Best technology workshop/class I have ever been in!”

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